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Ground Zero Mu v99b+(5000exp!! Dark lord working!)
99b+ with all 99c++ effects added in. exp:5000,auto reset. Mass mobs in lorencia and in davias. Golden mobs in Stadium. Come and join a server that will grow and evolve along with you. Admin and GMs care about you here so come and play.
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The site that helps you make more plat in Everquest
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Compendium of World of Warcraft games data includes quest guides, game guides, pictures, and maps of monster locations.
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Raiden's WoW
blabla just come and see
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French Server of Ragnarok Online rates: x1 Role Play
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100/100/100. Custom Npcs & some Custom Sprites, Needs new people to join!!!
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Here is WoW Servers And Status We Update Server List Every Day And Add new server to avadable here can download WoW Full Client And Patch Look
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Chaos Mu
ChaosMu 97r+1.0 Server , i will not comment smh like the best server or smh..come and check it ur selfs :)
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Mystic Retreat

Where fun meets fantasy. RunUO 1.0.0 with static housing, PvM balanced, 1200 skill/300 stat caps, ML Logs, Elven bodies, events, quests, rewards and more! Come see what Thistle and Urhell have been up to.
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PandaRO PvP
200x/200x/50Full PvP RO server, with lots of custom Items, Quests and NPC's, growing community, Friendly GM's, up 24/7 Max Lv 120 Max Job 90
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World Wide Server C5

Join the fastest growing Lineage2 Server! Live chat suitable for all ages, Come cast spells and wield powerful weapons against monsters and each other. Join a clan or play alone. Wide Server-Rates X5 Chaos Server-Rates X100 Combat Server-Rates X1000
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HooniRO - Dreaming On
10/7/5. Authentic low rated server with all of the new features. Customized Gameplay. Story Line coming up. Unlockables. You like a challenge? Join us now!
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MM America

Exp: 2x Drop: 50x Avalible maps include the basic 6 and Icarus, Tarkan. Ver 99b. No hackers. No lag. Very friendly GM's and players. Auto lvl reset at lvl 700. First reset = 1000 points second = 1500 points. The revolution begins NOW!!!
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The best Diablo 2 Item shop focused purely on the USEast and USWest realms. AIM, ICQ, MSN Yahoo and browser-based live chat help/support. Check our specials: Level 80 power leveled custom characters for $9.99. We have a full selection of runewords.
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MxO Mexico

Sitio fanatico diseñado y actualizado por mi del nuevo juego de Sega The Matrix Online
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Pimp Control is a FREE multiplayer online pimp RPG. You play your role as a pimp slappin your whores, gankin other Pimps shit, playing with your friends, and blowing the competition away. Think you have what it takes to become the top pimp?
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Island Attack

Island attack is a MMORPG(Masssive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) where you and all players with your are individual islands which all try to become the most powerfull nation, Do you have the skills and brains to conquer this small world?
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MuZone - Mu Fantasy Server

Exp:350 Drops:70 Version:0.99h+ Maps:Standar +chaos castle,exile,kalima,icarus. Too friendly Administratress and GMs.Just try it.It will be the best server that u have ever played.Server Location Greece/Lamia. Join Us and have Fun!!!!
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Pimp Destiny is a free online, text based game. You are a pimp, fighting your way to the top. Choose to fight on your own, or join forces with other pimps to rise to pimp greatness. Come prove you are destined to be the best!
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